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Voiced By: Doug Bradley

Classification: Power Character

Biography: Once Captain Elliot Spencer, a human who became disenchanted with human life after World War I, he found the Lament Configuration. Solving it turned him into Pinhead, leader of the Cenobites, demons specializing in dark and gruesome carnal desires.

Intro: The Lament Configuration puzzle box seems to roll onto the battlefield before chains come out, ensnaring a offscreen victim who screams before Pinhead teleports from a blue light, saying "It is not hands that calls me, it is desire..", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Simply holds out his hand as the arena quickly flashes from the normal stage to Leviathan's Labyrinth and back, saying "We'll tear your soul apart!" or "No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering! "

Outro: Pinhead grabs the puzzle box, saying "Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell!" as chains ensnare the opponent offscreen, their screams of pain heard as the Female, Butterball and Chatter Cenobites surround Pinhead as their give their iconic pose.

Special Moves:
Chain of Pain: Pinhead raises his hand out towards the opponent, sending a chain to knock them to the ground. (Meter Burn: The chain is bladed, doing slightly more damage and impales into the opponent, dragging them towards Pinhead, open for a free hit or combo.)
Chain Guard: Pinhead summons a quick wall of chains in front of him to block projectiles. (Meter Burn: After the projectile connects, a chain comes from the wall, hitting the opponent.)
Snaring Agony: Pinhead makes a couple chains rise up from under the opponent, snaring them in place, open for a free hit or combo.
Bleeding Cut: Pinhead slashes the opponent two times with his sharp blade he grabs from his waist. (Meter Burn: Slashes only once before stabbing the opponent in the neck with it, stunning them for a quick moment, open for a free hit or combo.)
Chain Evade: Pinhead has a chain burst from him and allows him to either goes forward over the opponent (Where the chain comes out of his chest) or backwards (Where it comes out of his back.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent with small hooks on his fingertips, stabbing them as they scream in pain before a chain appears from behind the opponent, dragging and slamming them on the ground in front of Pinhead.
Back: Grabs the opponent with small hooks on his fingertips, stabbing them as they scream in pain before a chain appears from behind Pinhead, flipping the opponent to the ground behind Pinhead.

Character Trait:
Pinhead Unbound: Gives a yell at the opponent as his skin turns more grayish-white and a red glow around him as any attacks having to do with his chains do more damage along with being immune to Pop-up attacks for a short while.

Super Move:
Welcome to Hell: Pinhead holds the puzzle box as it sends hooked chains at the opponent whose shown transported to Leviathan's Labyrinth, being spun around by the hooked chains as they scream in pain before Pinhead as the Chatterbeast's growl is heard it attacks the opponent, before the other Cenobites surround the victime and attacks as Pinhead gives a evil laugh before both appear back in the arena, the opponent falling in pain.

Ending: Found among many items in Felix Faust's possession when the Regime took command, they knew of the Lament Configuration's reputation and hid it in the Fortress of Solitude, so no one would solve it. But someone has, or rather was forced to solve it, summoning Pinhead, who seeks whoever desired what the box held. After many false leads, Pinhead will now show Wonder Woman what she wanted, whether she wants it or not.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Your pain is just the beginning!"
"Welcome to Oblivion!"
"Such spirit, i will break it."
"I'll tear your soul apart!"
"Ah, a new victim..."
"Now, a lesson in pain!"
"Time to play!"


Pinhead- "Can you solve this puzzle Detective?"
Batman- "Working on it right now."

Pinhead- "You two fight over a meaningless cause."
Batman (Insurgency)- "No, never meaningless."

Pinhead- "Only pleasure i give is pain."
Catwoman- "Yeah, not into S&M."

Pinhead- "You sound familar..."
Cyborg- "Sorry, don't know you."

Pinhead- "Your laughter ends here!"
The Joker- "That's not funny..."

Pinhead- "Ever had a bad day?"
The Joker- "Oh, don't start with me on those."

Pinhead- "Revenge clouds your mind..."
Scorpion- "Stay out of my mind Demon!"

Pinhead- "Your families real killer still walks."
Scorpion- "You lie!"

Pinhead- "Your flesh is killing your spirit."
Superman (Regime)- "You shut your mouth!"

Pinhead- "What would Lois say about you now?."
Superman (Regime)- "Don't you dare bring her in this!"

Pinhead- "Alien, human, i don't care."
Superman (Regime)- "You should care."

Pinhead- "Ah, such flesh you desire."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "What are you ranting about?

Pinhead- "You manipulate to get what you seek."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Hush your mouth!"

Pinhead- "I have such sights to show you."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Really, do you now."

Pinhead- "Welcome... To hell."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "No!"


Batman- "You don't scare me."
Pinhead- "Then i have such sights to show you."

Batman- "Who let you out of the box?"
Pinhead (Insurgency)- "Perhaps you?"

Catwoman- "Oh Jesus Christ."
Pinhead- "Not quite."

Cyborg- "Okay gloomy, let's go."
Pinhead- "Gladly."

The Joker- "Play with this Pinhead!"
Pinhead- "Should have came for you a long time ago."

The Joker- "Oh, can i be a Cenobite?"
Pinhead- "You'll never join our ranks!"

Scorpion- "To hell with you!"
Pinhead- "I am hell!"

Scorpion- "You're no Quan-Chi!"
Pinhead- "Not even close."

Superman (Regime)- "Burn."
Pinhead- "Burn? Such limited imagination."

Superman (Regime)- "I've done nothing wrong!"
Pinhead- "Ah, the eternal refrain of humanity!"

Superman (Regime)- "Who let you out?!"
Pinhead- "Someone who might desires you."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "How did you get freed?"
Pinhead- "Oh, i think you know."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You're not getting pleasure here.."
Pinhead- "I'm here for business, not pleasure."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "I didn't summon you!"
Pinhead- "Well, not directly."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "I'll show you pain."
Pinhead- "I am pain!"

- Doug Bradley has played Pinhead for every Hellraiser film since the first one, and before anyone says anything, "Revelations" doesn't exist. XP Also, in "Revelations", since the guy who replaced Doug couldn't do the voice (I guess so.), they got Fred "Hulk/Solomon Grundy/Bane" Tatasciore to overdub his lines... I'm not even joking. Hell, Khary Payton (Who voices Cyborg in "Injustice"/"Teen Titans") was in "Hellworld"... Swear to fucking god, not joking there, hence their quotes.
- May ask, how come Regime Wonder Woman is the one who summoned Pinhead cause she knew what would happen? Well, we know she wants to be Superman's fucktoy and can't seem to get any (Due to him still pining over Lois) and... Well, since she's a total manipulative cunt in "Injustice", she got someone else to summon Pinhead, but didn't know the "Not hands that summon, it's desire summon." rule, hence his intro quote and his various quotes to her... Have i mentioned i hate Regime Wonder Woman and want to see her suffer?
- Course, the other three main Cenobites (Female, Butterball, Chatter) makes cameos during Pinhead's outro pose and his super, along with the Chatterbeast from "Bloodline" appearing in the super too.
- Pinhead is more of a zoning/ranged character.
"... Shall we begin?", sorry, had to quote Pinhead. XD Out of all the Horror characters in film, Pinhead from "Hellraiser" is actually the one i can see fitting into Injustice the most as... Well, you know how i did the story and all.

Find the usual references!
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MrAsh96 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Love the Jesus Christ not quite reference and I almost forgot about your undying hatred towards Regime Wonder Woman  
jc013 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Yes, i mean, they got the "Evil Wonder Woman" part down and she served her purpose and all... But that doesn't make me like her as a villain, way i see her, she's just some manipulative envying cunt.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
Not the first time I've seen an Injustice take on him, but I like what you've done especially with direct movie quotes. Had no idea that Khary Peyton was in one of the movies. I've just finished up the first two and will be watching just about tall the rest of them on Netflix soon. Also...I know little of Revelations, but if Doug Bradley and Clive Barker both don't like it then it must have been pretty bad. o.o; I'll still give a look for curiosity's sake though and to put things in comparison with the rest of the series.
jc013 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
Well, yeah, might have too. XD But thanks dude.
sprite-genius Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
Love what you did with Pinhead, even if I also did a guest fighter entry for him.

Say, have you ever seen my Injustice entry for Michael Myers?
jc013 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
Yeah, it was cool.. Best part of my bio?
sprite-genius Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
I guess the punishment for Regime Wonder Woman for having tempted Regime Superman, who only cares about Lois Lane and no one else, into falling for her. Exact similar thing happened to her in Leatherface's ending (in my bio for Leatherface, that is) just right after Leatherface killed Regime Superman.
jc013 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
Eh, true. But here, it made sense, cause with Leatherface... Well, he just wants food and to kill, with Pinhead, there was a reason. But still all the same awesome.
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