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August 7, 2013
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Voiced By: Troy Baker

Classification: Gadget Character (Without explosives)

Biography: Wearing the inkblot mask he considers his true face, Rorschach had been one of the members of the former Crimebusters, but continues his violent one-man battle against crime long after costumed vigilantes become both detested and illegal. He was apparently killed years ago.

Intro: Rorschach is shown being exploded by a familiar glowing blue hand in a snowy area before appearing in the arena, not bothered as he puts on his mask, ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Adjusts his head as he steps back a bit, saying "Hrm." or "Your move."

Outro: Rorschach is show taking out his grappling gun, zip-lining away from the arena before being seen from behind unmasked, walking down a alleyway in Metropolis while it rains, holding up his "The end is nigh" sign while he narrates in the background "Rorschach's Journal: Enemy knocked out, poor fighting skill, weak."

Special Moves:
Grappling Gun: Rorschach fires his grappling gun at the opponent, knocking them back to the ground. (Meter Burn: Instead of knocking them back, he gets them by their legs, swinging them over him to the ground, bouncing them to the air for a free hit or a combo.)
Grappling Swing: Rorschach fires his grappling gun in the air at a angle and swings over the opponent, kicking the opponent if they're in the way. (Meter Burn: After kicking the opponent, he comes down, stomping on the opponent.)
Air Grappling Swing: Rorschach fires his grappling gun while in the air at a angle and swings over the airbourne opponent, kicking the opponent if they're in the way. (Meter Burn: Instead of kicking the airbourne opponent, Rorschach tackles them to the ground.)
Easy Information: Rorschach reaches for the opponent, if it connects, he grips the opponent by the hand, breaking their fingers before slamming a glass bottle into their face two times, breaking it with the second hit, knocking them to the ground.
Desolation Row: Rorschach rolls and lunges at the opponent, punching them. (Meter Burn: Rorschach also does two knees to their chest.)
Molotov Cocktail: Rorschach throws a molotov cocktail at the opponent, burning them. There are high arc and low arc versions. (Meter Burn: Throws a second molotov in a straight direction at his opponent.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent by the arm before breaking it with a punch, then elbows them in the face, knocking them to the ground.
Back: Grabs the opponent by the arm before breaking it with a punch, then Judo throws them over his shoulder to the ground.

Character Trait:
Ink Blot Test: Rorschach does adjusts his hat, if he is hit with a high or medium attack, he'll parry the move by grabbing the opponent and headbutting them, resulting in his walking speed getting faster and melee attacks stronger for a short while.

Super Move:
Ready When You Are: Rorschach slides at the opponent, setting off a bunch of matches before using them and a spray can to make a flamethrower, lighting up the the opponent. As the opponent tries to put out the fire, he takes out a meat cleaver, slashing them three times, before taking out his grappling gun and aiming and firing it straight at their stomach, knocking them back.

Ending: Finding a letter from Dr. Manhattan after supposedly dying by his hand, it told Rorschach that he was transported to a universe where his skills would be better suited, and it was after seeing the Regime giving heroes a bad name, caused him to ally himself with the Insurgency. After Superman's death by his hands, Rorschach made the city Blüdhaven his new turf, now evil has a new face to fear...

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Do it!"
"Won't hold back."
"Ready when you are."
"You're in this with me!"
"I don't go easy."
(Against any villain character) "Dogs deserve to be put down."


Rorschach- "You're no Night Owl."
Batman- "Not even close."

Rorschach- "Never compromise."
Batman- "I never do."

Rorschach- "Dumbass Liberal."
Green Arrow- "Dumbass moron."

Rorschach- "Crazy broad."
Harley Quinn- "Oh, that's just mean!"

Rorschach- "Any more jokes left?"
The Joker- "This one's a killer."

Rorschach- "No more jokes"
The Joker- "Why so serious?"

Rorschach- "Big and stupid."
Solomon Grundy- "Small and foolish."

Rorschach- "Hero killer."
Superman (Regime)- "I kill those against me!"


Batman- "Try fighting without weapons."
Rorschach- "Gladly."

Batman- "What do you see?"
Rorschach- "A pretty butterfly."

Green Arrow- "I bet you're a ugly one!"
Rorschach- "Something we agree on."

Harley Quinn- "You need a bath!"
Rorschach- "You need a theapist."

The Joker- "Let's put a smile on that face!"
Rorschach- "Ha. Ha."

The Joker- "Know what i see?"
Rorschach- "Your death."

Solomon Grundy- "Grundy kill Ink Blot!"
Rorschach- "Grundy go die."

Superman (Regime)- "Surrender and kneel!"
Rorschach- "Never surrender."

- Troy Baker happens to voice Sinestro and Nightwing (Dick Grayson) in "Injustice: Gods Among Us". He also voiced Joel in "The Last Of Us" and Booker in "Bioshock: Infinite"
- While Rorschach kills those who do evil and won't stop, he'd object to Superman and his Regime, similar to his objections to Ozymandias' plan in "Watchmen", hence him joining with the Insurgency.
- Rorschach with his special moves, character trait and super move is more of a all-around gadget character.
Who watches the Watchmen? :Tee-Hee:

Look for the references. And seriously, next to Jackie Earle Haley, Troy Baker is the only other person i think who'd be perfect to voice him.
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Rorschach's Journal: I'm in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and I rule!

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Since Rorschach is part of DC comics in a separate universe, he might fit well to Injustice.

Nicely done on this. :-)

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This is a nice thing, man! Good job, i love this moveset and the quotes, very close to rorshach's character. now, as for the voice.. i think maybe troy would use the voice he had for two-face in arkham city, I mean, he's a versatile guy, and maybe he'd come up with something awesome, but all in all, great profile. *claps*
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